Want to create your best self? Consistency is key

After years of training clients and teaching group classes, the experts at Body Reformers see one common factor to success when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness. And that key is consistency!

So as the cooler months begin to creep in, it’s important to remember that clients who continue to train consistently all year round will achieve and maintain the best results.

Here are 4 ways the team at Body Reformers believe you can stay consistent with your routine and be your best self.

1. Start small

So many New Year’s resolutions to get in shape are short lived due to setting unrealistic goals and routines. If your goal is too ambitious, you’re likely to feel bad and give up.

Begin with one to two short sessions a week and slowly increase the intensity of your workouts as you get fitter. As you begin to feel stronger physically, you will also feel better mentally.

2. Do what you love

Exercise should NOT be about punishing your body but about loving your body and enjoying some ‘YOU’ time.

If you choose the right form of exercise, it can be something you look forward to and even hate to miss!

Autumn brings perfect weather conditions to get outdoors, so a great time to enjoy a walk, bike ride or even a swim. You will often see us walking along the paths lining the foreshores with a friend chatting away. You can also attend a group class. Adding a little bit of social element to your fitness will make it fun and limit the workout boredom.

3. Exercise in the morning

Morning is the best time to exercise because there are no distractions and you are feeling fresh.

Be ready in the morning by having your running shoes and active wear ready beside your bed. As an added bonus, you will also find yourself making better food choices throughout the day.

4. Plan ahead

We recommend scheduling workouts into your week and booking other appointments around your workout times. We know life gets busy so think of your workouts as important meetings you have scheduled for yourself.

Want to know how the team at Body Reformers stay fit?

Liza’s Fitness Routine:

I’m a morning person, so I have always loved to start my day with exercise first thing. I start with a 5.30am Pilates class followed by a brisk walk before my busy day begins. I love the combination of training indoors and outdoors.

Suzanna’s Fitness Routine:

My first rule is to never miss a Monday workout! My training week consists of Reformer Pilates 4/5 times a week which focuses on building strength, flexibility and balance. I also aim to walk or cycle 3 times a week.

Body Reformers are here to help you find your best self

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