Renaissance in Australian Manufacturing

While the tyranny of distance poses challenges in the global trading space, it has been our saving grace when it comes to protecting lives during this COVID-19 time. We closed our international border early and have turned our mind to helping Australian businesses be more self-sufficient and competitive. Australia has a long and proud history of manufacturing, but this pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of Australia’s supply lines, and trade tensions with China have made business difficult for some Australian exporters.

The Australian government is working to reverse the dependence on manufactured goods from overseas and is building strategies that support Australia’s economic sovereignty in a post COVID-19 world.

The new era will take time to build momentum but the $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy, with science and technology as the central pillar, around the Resources Technology and Critical Minerals, the Medical Products and Space, Food and Beverage, Recycling and Clean Energy, and
Defence sectors will help to build our sovereign capability in these critically important sectors and create new opportunities and jobs for Australians.

The Petrie electorate is home to some exciting high-tech manufacturers that are delivering big rewards for our local economy.

Clontarf’s Quality Plastic Products is working with recycled materials to replace garden and nursery pots with Aussie-made ones.

Reid Print Technologies is producing high-tech, printed, sensor technology printed onto flexible plastics like those used by Tritium for electric vehicle charging stations.

Tubeworx is a specialist manufacturer in tubes and hoses for automotive, hydraulics, defence, construction, mining and marine industries.

Family-owned Packer Leather at the Narangba Innovation Precinct is manufacturing our world-famous kangaroo leather RM Williams boots.

Compella Compression at Mango Hill has developed an innovative gas compressor for coal seam gas operations that will potentially eliminate the need for fracking to extract gas from low-flow wells.

We will continue delivering projects that offer big rewards for our local economies, build our sovereign capability and create new jobs.