At a time when traditional channels of community engagement and connections have been challenged, Sesame Lane had to find a way to bridge the gap between home and childcare, just as schools moved to online learning. Parents found themselves at home with children, looking for wholesome activity ideas. That’s when ‘Owlbert’s (not-so-secret) Diary’ was born.

Parents and children can jump online and see the Sesame Lane Educators they love so much singing songs, reading stories, dancing, gardening and engaging with children. One of the most popular entries is Miss Kayo’s Online Japanese Lessons for under 5’s, and Miss Tiff’s cooking classes for parents.

And the best thing about ‘Owlbert’s (not-so-secret) Diary’? All the diary entries are short and fun videos!

Sesame Lane is also using this new method of engaging with their families to support them with educational advice from their Educational Mentor, helping families to understand and support their children through different developmental stages.

Parents who are looking for ways to get their children involved in the kitchen can watch videos like how to make a pizza from scratch. There are also videos on healthy family meals on a budget.

The transformation of the way in which Sesame Lane deliver care and support for their families is not only having a positive and direct response from parents and children but is deepening their connection to the local community as new families tune in to their fun and informative YouTube channel each day.

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