Meet the Dolphins ‘Phin’atics

Nearly every team in sports has some recognisable fans. For the Redcliffe Dolphins, the fan base spans kids who are five years old and playing footy for the first time to 95-year-old women and men who were there the day the Club was founded in 1947.

Depending on the success of the team, fan loyalty can ride the same highs and the lows as the team however for a select crew of supporters, being behind their team is not a hobby, it’s a passion.

Mark Dyer

I first started following the Dolphins in 1996. I had just met my future wife who was a Redcliffe girl and her family took me to a game and I fell in love with it. Since then, I really haven’t missed many games and try to get to as many as possible – whether it’s home or away. The 2018 Grand Final win has definitely been a highlight for me, but not the only one. I remember a semi-final against Tweed in 2007 when we scored in the last few minutes to win the game.

I was behind the northern goal posts, some Colts boys were nearby, and we just erupted – cheering and hugging each other and anyone else around whether we knew them or not. Following the Dolphins is a passion and a hobby. Much to the annoyance of my wife I have a cupboard and a half full of Dolphins jerseys and merchandise! There’s still room for more though. The Dolphins is so much more than a football team. My sons both played for many years, so I’ve been involved in the Junior side for a long time too.

The opportunities the Club gives young people are too numerous to mention. Footy and everything that goes with it teaches you responsibility, discipline and work ethic.

Steve Peirce

We moved to the Peninsula five years ago. Although I grew up on the Peninsula and attended games at the Redcliffe Showground, I moved away with the Royal Australian Navy for twenty years. Regardless, I still followed the Dolphins no matter where I was. We love to support the Dolphins, they are our team and we are so proud of them.

Judy Newton

It was so exciting in the lead up to the Grand Final and a little nerve wracking too. Grand Final day was the best day ever. From brunch in the Club, to being part of a sea of red cheering the team, to the win and then welcoming our team back home at the Club after was truly memorable. We couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces or tears from our eyes. It was a day we’ll never forget.

On the bus on the way to Grand Final I was feeling so excited and hoping for a big win. On a whim, I said to my friends (and anyone who was listening), “If the Phins win, we should get a Dolphins tattoo to celebrate!” A lot of people cheered but as far as I know Steve and I are the only ones who actually did it!

The team is important, but everyone associated with the Club – from managers to trainers and the wonderful staff who welcome you at the door and look after you while you’re at the Club – makes the Dolphins so special. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, you couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people.

Dave Cassidy

I moved to Redcliffe in August 2017 knowing just two people. I met them at the Redcliffe Leagues Club for a drink shortly after I arrived and that’s where it started. In the short time I’ve been here, I feel like becoming a supporter of the Dolphins has been like becoming part of a family. Win, lose or draw, the players give 100% and so do the supporters. The 2018 Grand Final was truly the best day we’ve had. From the breakfast, buses into town and the party back at the Club…we celebrated as if we had personally won the game, and in a way I guess we had!

Steve Young

I started following the Dolphins around 1972. Even though I was born in Inala, I liked the size of the hard-hitting forward pack from Redcliffe. These were the playing days of greats such as Tony Obst, Ian Thinee, Bevan Bleakley, and Peter Leis to name a few. I have followed and supported the team ever since. Whenever I can, I’ll travel to support the team, whether they’re playing in Townsville, Mackay or one of the more local grounds.

It’s still fresh so the 2018 Grand Final is of course a highlight. The lead up to it and the day of the 2018 Grand Final was so exciting. The brunch at the Redcliffe Leagues Club meant all the supporters could come together to start the day. Everyone was in great spirits, but we were all so nervous! Being back at the Club when the players arrived after the win was something I won’t forget. The players all stay on the field after their games to chat and get photos, so you come to know them and sharing in the win together was amazing.

The Dolphins are more than just a team, I consider them to be the pride of the Peninsula!