At Peninsula Life, we showcase and story tell the region’s full potential for people to LIVE, PLAY and GROW on the Redcliffe Peninsula.

With a vast readership across the community, and a vibrant and engaged local and online presence, Peninsula Life is a successful and beloved community magazine that collaborates with partners to promote the region’s growth and lifestyle opportunities.

With the acquisition of The Redcliffe Peninsula social media pages we recognise that now is the perfect time to move into the future and digitally evolve the magazine.

So, we’ve reimagined and digitally transformed Peninsula Life as you know it.

Across print, mobile, web and social media, Peninsula Life will be a seasonal magazine with curated content targeted to an audience of over 22,000 people online.

What’s New?


Peninsula Life will now be available via mobile app MagLoft, available through Apple, Samsung and Google.

Because of this, the magazine is fully interactive, meaning sponsored articles and advertisements can have clickable links, call to actions, in app shopping and purchasing of products, event ticket purchases, etc.

With the ability to utilise push notifications to active users, your content will always be front and centre. Subscription mode allows for clever retargeting, and analytics and reader insights are readily available.


In addition to the web version of the app, the acquisition of The Redcliffe Peninsula social media pages has given Peninsula Life access to an entirely new audience of over 22,000 active members, providing you sought-after exposure.

Through this platform, Peninsula Life will be a part of over 1.3M engagements and 407,000 conversations (annually), creating meaningful engagement with your brand.

Do you share in our vision for the Peninsula?

Contact Daniel Lyngcoln on 0410 100 151 to hear more about partnering with Peninsula Life