Spotlight on…

with Leslie Ann from Bayside International Hair and Beauty Bar

Just as the seasons change, so do the trends and care tips for hair. Here are the tips for warmer months.

Choose cooler blonde highlight tones for summer to break up your rich warm winter colours. Have some fun with two or three different beachy light ash or light mocha shades. This will create a more natural and sun kissed look and enhance your features beautifully.

Protect your hair from the damaging UV rays of the sun by using the correct products. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that boasts a UV protectant on the label. This will help reduce the damage the sun can cause. A salon quality product will also protect the delicious colours you have chosen for summer.

To add some moisture back in from the winter months, try a weekly treatment. Don’t compromise the integrity of your hair further heading into the heat of the summer. Using a weekly moisture treatment will replenish and boost your hair’s shine for fun in the sun!

Cutting away splitting hair and maintaining healthy ends through regular trimming helps… Maybe even try a sassy new short cut for a low maintenance style, giving you more time for the activities involved in summer time fun.

If longer hair is your preference, try out a new style. If you want to sweep your hair up to help cool you down, try a tussled upstyle that incorporates a plait… such an easy trick for a lovely and sophisticated look that will keep you looking fresh.


Leslie Ann
from Bayside International Hair and Beauty Bar