The True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year for many, a time for sharing, for laughter and for memories. It is also a time to reflect on our community, on those around us, and for those who are less fortunate or who may need some extra support this time of the year.

How can you help your community at Christmas? It doesn’t have to be difficult, but a small (or large gesture) could really make a big difference.

Here are 6 ways you can show the TRUE spirit of Christmas this year.

Volunteer and get involved

Whether it be at a Christmas lunch, a fundraiser, a school event or helping a charity, your time and attendance is one of the most valuable gifts you could give.

Shop locally

Support a local business this year and buy your gifts locally. It can be very easy to head to one of the big players to get your shopping done, however why not help a community member closer to home.

Care for our environment

Can you make more environmentally sustainable choices this year? Why not try to shop ethically, compost your scraps or make a commitment to recycle your wrapping and packaging (and everything else you can!). It will make a big difference to Mother Earth.

Give to those less fortunate

Whether it be a donation, goods or services, or something else, there are so many people in need that could use your help. Turn over the page to find out where in Redcliffe you can show your true community spirit.

Use your time off for good

Often at this time of the year we are blessed with some time off or a few extra public holidays. Why not use your time for good and organise a walk to clean up our beaches, spend some time with your neighbours or help our with an organisation or school group get ready for services next year.

Give blood

The need for blood never takes a holiday, even at Christmas. In fact, the need is often greater at this time of the year. It only takes an hour to do and you could save up to three lives through your donation.