What do you get when you put 13 school principals in a room on a mission to change abuse and bad behaviour toward their frontline staff?

A powerful program with a strong vision to create a commitment to respect in the Redcliffe community. Now having achieved phenomenal traction, the project has expanded from its original place in the school community and is making a positive impact throughout businesses and other community services across the region.

Beginning as a movement across 13 schools in the area, the ‘RESPECT – COMMIT TO IT’ project was initiated by a group of school leaders wanting an end to bad behaviour by parents and caregivers in school settings. The project developed a set of expectations regarding respectful relationships in school communities, with the vision to bring about change in the behaviours and associated impacts this had on staff.

Since expanding from schools into the wider region, the project now aims to bring about change in the Redcliffe region and is being led by a steering committee that includes representatives from the police and ambulance, local schools, the Moreton Bay Regional Council, the Hon Yvette D’Ath (current Attorney-General), local businesses, the Redcliffe Hospital, local childcare centres and members from the Redcliffe Youth Space.

Members of the ‘RESPECT – COMMIT TO IT’ project are currently constructing a 5-year plan to cultivate respect throughout the region, with the ultimate goal to create a community where all relationships are respectful and people speak and treat each other with respect no matter who they are and what part of the community they are in.

The project steering committee are putting a call to the Redcliffe community to play a fundamental role in the movement. “Parents and the broader community play a vital role in supporting young people in their learning.”

“This project is about ensuring that schools, parents and the broader community engage in positive ways to allow our future generation to be productive, respectful and contributing members of society. We want all children to reach their full potential.”

How can you get on board?

The ‘RESPECT – COMMIT TO IT’ committee are calling on businesses to take part in the project to show that respect and positive relationships are not only isolated to our schools, but our community as a whole.

Businesses are being asked to display a counter sign supporting the project and the community commitments and are also encourage to post a photo of their sign on Facebook, tagging the ‘RESPECT PROJECT– COMMIT TO IT’ page to share their participation and encourage others to take part.

You can also contact the project steering committee directly at to further
discuss fundraising and promotion opportunities, or other ways you can join the movement.

The Project has established three agreed community commitments aimed at building a respectful community.


Take the pledge to:


Be respectful in all interactions


Be a positive role model for the young people in our community


Be a productive, contributing member of the community