Places of the Peninsula: Woody Point

The Perks

Enjoy the beautiful redeveloped Woody Point Jetty, stretching 240 metres long and six metres wide, with plenty of space for recreational fishermen.

Ample parks along the foreshore including Crockatt Park which features BBQ and picnic areas and a great kids playground.

Vibrant waterside location where you can witness some of the best sunsets in Queensland.

Fast Facts

  • Woody Point is home to around 4,400 people*
  • There are around 1,100 families living in Woody Point*
  • The red, iron-impregnated cliffs of Woody Point were observed by Matthew Flinders in 1799, who named the area Red Cliff Point (where the name “Redcliffe” further north comes from today).
  • Home to the Woody Point Boat Ramp

*Data according to the 2016 Australian Census


The Belvedere Hotel

Fondly dubbed “The Bel” by locals, The Belvedere Hotel is a true icon of Woody Point. Built in the 1890s as a boarding house, the premise was later sold and converted into a pub and hotel in 1901.

The Belvedere underwent a major rejuvenation project that was completed at the end of 2016, completely transforming the landmark venue.

The Gayundah Wreck

The HMQS Gayundah entered service for the Queensland Maritime Defence Force in 1884 as a gunboat, later being operated by the Royal Australian Navy (as HMAS Gayundah). Decommissioned in 1921, she was sold to a civilian company, operating as a barge until the 1950s.

In 1958, Gayundah was purchased by Redcliffe Town Council (now Moreton Bay Regional Council) were she was beached off Woody Point Cliffs on the 2nd June 1958 to serve as a breakwater.