In the kitchen with Sesame Lane

We all want our children to grow up healthy and strong, and one of the most important things we can do is provide our children with a varied, balanced diet to meet their growth and developmental needs.

What children eat and drink in their first years impacts their health in years to come. Eating habits are firmed in the first years of life so it is important that we encourage our children to make healthy food choices. Sesame Lane Care and Kindergarten show Peninsula Life readers through their menu and talk all things nutrition for their Happy Healthy Learners.


All our meals are freshly prepared by trained cooks in our Service Kitchens using locally sourced seasonal produce where possible. Our dedicated Food Services Coordinator oversees menu development and food preparation practices in line with the strictest food safety standards.


Our Happy Healthy Learners love everything about the kitchen from growing the food to preparing their meals and of course eating them. We educate our children through stories, group discussions, gardening, growing our own fruit and vegetables as well as cooking experiences. The children love participating in watering, weeding, harvesting, washing, peeling, chopping, weighing, preparing, cooking and of course eating the yummy food that they have nurtured, grown and prepared.


At Sesame Lane we provide a 4 week rotating menu for summer and winter.


We alter the menu slightly to suit by working closely with the families during the babies first food journeys. We begin with a “first food” which is typically pumpkin or sweet potato. We slowly introduce vegetables individually to ensure that there are no reactions to the food, eventually graduating up to eating the same food as the older kids.

Because all of our meals are prepared fresh daily, we can cater to your child’s needs and allergies with ease. We can offer vegetarian, vegan, cultural requests, egg free, nut free and some gluten free meals.

FOR OUR big kids…

Morning Tea

Seasonal fruit platter served with milk and water


We alternate with either a hot meal off the menu or an assortment of delicious sandwiches.

Afternoon tea

This varies each day from slices, muffins, scones or oat bars that are made fresh on the premises and served with a rainbow medley of vegetable sticks daily.

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