A trip down Sesame Lane for their 30th anniversary

After 30 years enriching the lives of people big and small through the delivery of early learning and the promotion of strong family and community values in the Redcliffe Peninsula and Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Hilton and Lynda Misso sat down with Peninsula Life to reflect on the organisation’s learnings, success and vision for the future.

Opening the doors in January 1988, Sesame Lane has grown along with the Redcliffe Peninsula. Starting with one Service that offered 40 places in Redcliffe, Sesame Lane has now grown to the 14 Services we know and love today. With approximately 1200 places already on offer, the care and kindergarten service are excited to announce another three Services to come over the next 18 months, with an additional 350 places on offer.

“Being open for 30 years, we have had the privilege of being a part of so many people’s lives,” expresses Lynda, Lead Director of Sesame Lane.

Everything we do is aimed to inspire children to learn early and support them at every stage of their development.

“As a mother myself, I have watched my eight grandchildren all go through Sesame Lane and have watched countless children learn and grow here with us.”

“I think it is a real testament to our Services that we now even have some of our children working with us, and others bringing their own children to Sesame Lane. To have multiple generations thrive with us is such an honour.”

When asked about their secret to longevity and success in the child care industry, Lynda reflects on the pinnacle points that stand out as a point of difference for her.

“Sesame Lane has always believed that it is our Happy Healthy Educators that have helped make our centres what they are. We empower our educators to do what they do best for the children in our care and our organisation.”

“Our inclusive services are also something that we are really proud of. We offer Japanese language programs, music and drama programs, nappy service for children under 2 years and nutritional meals cooked and prepared on site.”

“Everything we do is aimed to inspire children to learn early and support them at every stage of their development.”

Looking into the future, the growth and vision for Sesame Lane has not slowed. In fact, plans are being made to expand further into the community and have Services in all key areas of the Moreton Bay Regional Council area.

“We are really excited to be opening three new Services to meet the growing need of the local community,” explains Hilton.

“One centre will be located at Dakabin and another two in North Lakes. We look forward to welcoming more families and educators into the Sesame Lane community.”

True to their commitment to community support and inclusion, Sesame Lane will be celebrating their 30th anniversary milestone event with a party open to all members of the Redcliffe Peninsula community and Moreton Bay Regional Council area, regardless of whether they attend Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten.

Celebrations will be held at the grand opening of the newly renovated Kippa-Ring Service on Saturday 20th January. Sesame Lane invite everyone to come along to see the new Service and enjoy an outdoor movie.

Sesame Lane share the five key things they have discovered in the 30 years of children’s development and care:


The care given to each child needs to be unique to them


Happy educators are the key to successful Services full of happy children and families


No one day is ever the same, which creates an ever-changing environment


Each centre is a community of its own and an extended family to all of our families


Leaving a footprint on a child’s life is a huge responsibility and something that makes us strive for the best each and every day