A day in the life of a teacher

It’s no secret that a teacher can change the life of a child. They are integral parts of our society and the lives of our little people – inspiring, educating, igniting imagination and so much more.

What you may not know is what goes on behind the scenes day to day in the lives of the people behind the ‘teacher’ title. Peninsula Life sat down with Kate Armour from Grace Lutheran Primary School to learn more about exactly what a day in the life of a teacher entails.


  • Kate Armour has been employed at Grace Lutheran Primary School since 2004.
  • She has taught in Years 1, 2 and 3 over her 16 years at the school.
  • During her career, she has had time off on maternity leave when she had each of her three children. Over the years she has returned to work in a part-time and now full-time capacity. Supporting her at home is her husband who works as a manager.
  • She attended Immanuel Lutheran College for secondary school and could see the benefits of a Lutheran Education. This influenced her decision to bring her children to school too.
  • Kate has a son in Year 5, a daughter in Year 2 and her youngest will start Prep in 2021. Kate’s children attend Grace Lutheran Primary School.

“It was an obvious choice for my husband and I to bring our children to Grace. As I work here, I can see the value and quality of education provided. Lutheran schools go beyond just teaching the curriculum and they have a strong pastoral component where we outreach further than the classroom to make sure every child and family feel connected and part of our Grace Community.”


Life is very busy for Kate as a mother and teacher. Like most families, Kate and her husband spend the morning organising a household (and getting ready for the afternoon activities such as AFL, swimming lessons and the other running about which comes with family-life) before jumping in the car to drive from home to school to begin her day at Grace.

Entering her Grace Lutheran Primary School Year 1 classroom, Kate is greeted enthusiastically by her students, and her day as a teacher commences. Classroom teaching, playground duties, staff meetings, collaboratively planning with her teaching team, parent meetings, sending emails, marking student work and report writing all go hand in hand in Kate’s world.

On top of this, Kate participates fully at school and is often seen going beyond her classroom work by helping out with various activities such as school musical productions, fete stalls and other community events. Her knowledge of classroom strategies is regularly shared amongst her teaching team and her ideas are always thoughtful and valued.

She can also be found organising other activities like running the Pet Rock stall. She is particularly creative, so is often approached by her school administration team to give ideas and help out with special events.

“Last year our school ran a musical at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre and apart from producing the Early Childhood section of the performance, I also created all the digital animated backdrops which were really fun to make. I’ve already been approached to do so again next year so I am looking forward to participating in this to help support our school community and make our Performing Arts activities really special and unique,” shares Kate.

Being a parent at the school and a teacher has its own set of challenges but it is also very helpful at times.

“I never miss a sports carnival because I am at work when they occur. It’s become a bit harder since my eldest son entered the upper primary years, but for my younger daughter, I can see her compete in everything while I also participate as a staff member. I also see all the assemblies and chapels, and can see my own children being acknowledged when they have done well at school.”

Although Kate has been at Grace for 16 years already, she doesn’t plan to move anywhere in a hurry.

“I love working at Grace and intend to stay here for some time yet. My youngest daughter, Penny is yet to start school, but I have learnt so much from my other two children moving through the school as a mother and a teacher, that I know that her journey will be really easy too. It certainly will be easier with three children at the school. My eldest will start secondary school once my youngest begins here, so the mornings will be busy moving between two schools. I’m lucky there’s a bus between the Grace Primary and Grace College campuses to make the morning run a little less stressful on the family.”


If you’d like to learn more about Kate’s story or speak to Grace Primary about their education programs, join in with a Principal’s Tour, which is held every month.

To book your place on a tour or to find out more please contact our Enrolments Officer Melissa Johnson on 3283 0011 or enrol@glps.qld.edu.au.