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From our backyard and beyond, Peninsula Life are proud to partner with John and Tammy from Winch and Unwind to bring you adventures from around the region (and sometimes a bit further afar).

Who are Winch & Unwind?

In a snapshot, we, John and Tammy are an adventure seeking couple with a lust for life and a love of travel – our desire to discover places new and old underpins our journey across this great country of ours. We’re happiest when we’re laying fresh tracks in our trusty Nissan Patrol loaded with our Howling Moon Rooftop Tent. There is so much to explore in Australia and we encourage as many to start in their own ‘back yard’!

Winch & Unwind on Moreton Island

Without a doubt, Moreton Island is our favourite local island within the Brisbane City limits. It has everything adventure seekers like us look for in a weekend getaway or an action packed 5-day trip. A solid mix of four-wheel drive tracks, secluded campsites, lessons in Australian War history, marine life experiences and ‘unwind time’ by the beach.


Every campsite on Moreton is a cracker!

Whether you’re towing a camper trailer or sleeping in a tent, the campsite options on the island cater for all outdoor set-ups. No matter what way the wind is blowing you can escape it. If you prefer secluded sites, then you’ll find them, and if toilets and showers are an essential, you’ll be relieved. Remember though, campsite bookings are essential! Our two favourite camp zones are along the North-West sites and on the South-East area due to the secluded layout.


As four-wheel drive enthusiasts, we’d rather explore by laying fresh tracks. Luckily Moreton Island offers a variety of inland tracks and long beach runs on both the West and East Coast. Track conditions aren’t difficult, but if you’re a novice it’s important to understand your tyre pressure, pack recovery gear and plan correctly! Most importantly, don’t forget to check tide times!


Holidays are for relaxing but don’t waste too much time lazing around soaking up the sun.

If you have a sandboard, pack it. If you’re a keen fisherman, get set to hook a few and if you don’t mind hiking then dust off your boots! We’d recommend a visit to Champagne Pools, the Lighthouse, Rous Battery and if you’d like to get your heart rate up, hike Mount Tempest for 360 – degree view of the island and beyond. If you haven’t got plans for your weekend and own a four-wheel drive, we’d highly recommend driving onto the ferry, air down, lock the hubs and enjoy a weekend of adventure on Moreton Island!

Top 5

Tangalooma Wreck
Spend a few hours snorkelling and swimming the famous wrecks for a look at stunning marine life. When you’re waterlogged, kick back on the beach with a picnic and soak up the view.

Moreton Bay Rock Oysters
If you love indulging in oysters, then make time to stop in at the Moreton Bay Rock Oyster Farm. We picked up two dozen for $15, and they were delicious.

Mount Tempest
For a different perspective of the island, hike up Mount Tempest, the highest sand dune on the island, and enjoy the 360-degree view. On a clear day, you’ll see the Glasshouse Mountains.

Rous Battery
Explore the remnants of a World War II Fort at Rous Battery on the East side of the island.

The Gutter Bar
Enjoy an icy-cold beer at the Gutter Bar at the Southern and quieter end of the Island

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