Keeping your valuables safe

Are you a long-time Redcliffe community member who remembers the old Commonwealth Bank building along the Redcliffe foreshore? If so, you will be amazed at what stands there now. And even if you don’t remember the bank, you will want to read this anyway as the transformation and what is on offer to the community is truly amazing.

Built by the federal government as the regional holding facility for all Commonwealth Bank Australia’s for North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, this historic building has had an Oceans 11-esque update in the last 14 months and is now the impressive Private Vaults Australia.

With 3 types of high security vaults to meet your every storage need, this facility truly needs to be seen to be believed. In fact, the original vaults from the bank’s old trading days still exist and are used to this day!

From gold and silver bullion to jewellery, private documents to regular old money, Private Vaults Australia have secure storage solutions for all your valuables. They can even store your cryptocurrency – yes you read that right! Your digital currency can be placed in what’s known as “cold cryptocurrency storage”, which means your coins are frozen and stored offline to reduce access to hackers.

Private Vaults Australia owners, Peter and Cassie Hobson have made it their mission to ease security concerns for their clients by providing a superior service with their vaults and have seen a rising number of people wanting to invest in protecting what’s most important to them.

“We’ve seen an ever-growing demand for individuals to protect their hard-earned assets from robbery, home invasions and natural disasters like floods or fire,” says Peter. “The inability to recover from lost principal can be soul destroying.”

Peter and Cassie are also the Brisbane arm of Gold Bullion Australia (the third largest bullion merchant in Australia and the largest in Queensland) and buy, sell and store gold and silver bullion straight out of Private Vaults Australia. Can it get any more like a movie?!

When asked about their keen interest in precious metals, Peter believes that gold and silver are a significant, and more importantly, secure investment for portfolios, especially in times of crisis.

“We want to help protect people for the forthcoming financial crisis by protecting their goods and converting their fiat currency (government-regulation money) to gold and silver to protect their wealth.”

says Peter

You’ve worked hard for your assets and valuables. Now is not the time to leave to leave it to chance. If you’re considering private storage for your valuables that you know you couldn’t live without, then a tour of the Private Vaults Australia facility is an absolute must.


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Unit 3, 73 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe QLD 4020