Is your real estate agent really getting your property seen?

It’s no secret. The world around us has changed, and ‘old’ methods no longer lead to the best outcomes. Even before COVID-19 changed how we access things (as well as how we think about our health and wellbeing) people were already looking for quicker, easier, and better ways to do things than ever before.

And for real estate and the property market? They were looking for ways to view property that didn’t mean planning their entire Saturday morning around a 30minute window where they could see a property. Or maybe more critically – they were looking for ways to make sure they could view a property without missing out, with no barriers like shift work, interstate locations, or travel being an issue.

And now? Well, that solution has been found and perfected. And being implemented by the best real estate agents around as they know this method gets results.

That solution is a 3D virtual tour of your property. Leading to faster home sales, more competition, and better results for you.

Want a virtual tour?

A 3D virtual tour is a realistic, immersive way to experience property. Using a 3D scanner (not to be confused with inferior 360-degree photos), your property is quickly and easily scanned creating a ‘digital twin’ that people can walk through like they were in the property itself – all from their smartphone or PC.

What are the benefits?

A 3D virtual tour allows more potential buyers to see your house, creating more interest, more competition, driving down the days your house is on the market and potentially even driving up the price as more interest = more competing offers. The stats also prove its incredible benefits:

  • Virtual tours can create up to 300% higher engagement for your property.
  • 80% increase in enquiries and a 52% longer engagement time.
  • Pre-qualify those interested and attract the right eye sooner, opening your home up to people who know the property is right for them and ready to talk deals.
  • Reach interstate or overseas buyers and put your property in front of the people who need to see it to get you results.

What if my agent isn’t offering one?

If you’re thinking about listing a house, or already on the market, and your agent isn’t using virtual tours? You are already on the back foot.

This powerful technology is available for agents everywhere – and it is incredibly affordable and accessible. And through packages like that on offer from VT Australia, which are only $299 including a virtual tour, floorplans, images and more… it really is all you need to get your home seen.

So, if the agent you’re looking at to get your home sold isn’t using virtual tours? It’s time to ask why.

Can I organise this for my property?

Absolutely, either you or your agent can – with a simple click of a ‘book now’ button. Simply head to and book your virtual tour. The VT Australia team will do the rest!

For $299 (inc. GST) you will get:

  • A 3D virtual tour of any residential home or commercial space up to 500sqm
  • 2D Floorplan
  • 8 VT captured still images
  • Weekly performance reports including view count
  • Business logo and agent contact details
  • Up to 10 Fast Facts featured, displayed as icons highlighting the value adding parts of any property
  • Website hosting for up to 6 months

Oh, and they even scan 7 days a week and have a 24-hour turnaround time for virtual tours! (48 hours with photos and floor plan).

It’s time to harness this technology to really get your house seen (and sold).

To find out more or book now, head to: