Happy, healthy students at Grace Lutheran Primary School

At Grace Lutheran Primary School, it is equally important to us that our students spend as much quality time outside the classroom as they do inside. With studies showing that being outside has significant physical and mental health benefits, we ensure that our students have an array of options to make the most of our beautiful Queensland weather and are encouraged to embrace our environment. As often as possible, the students are outside enjoying our climate and the surrounds.

Building character through sport

Each week our students participate in a physical education lessons and also
sport time. Our Year 4 – 6 students get to participate in the North Brisbane Independent Schools Sporting Association interschool sporting competition, where each semester they choose from a variety of sports including basketball, netball, rugby union, soccer, tee-ball and soccer.

The younger students don’t miss out on sporting opportunities either, with weekly games played in readiness for their own interschool competition. The sporting program is rounded out with swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals and annually the students compete at district, regional, state and national levels in these events.

Exploring the great outdoors

Lutheran Schools are known for their camping and outdoor education programs, and Grace Lutheran Primary School is no exception. Grace students begin in Year 1 with a day out and then a sleepover at school. From Years 2 – 6, an annual trip away is scheduled and students participate in a range of activities which include an aquatics camp on the Sunshine Coast, visits to Lutheran Campsites and conclude with a one-week trip away to Canberra for the senior students.

As the camps are sequential, our students enjoy learning how to be away from home, supported by their teachers. This helps promote some independence and prepares them for their outdoor education program at Grace Lutheran College, which includes a one month stay at Googa, a campsite that is co-owned by the Primary School and the College for our Year 10 students.

Developing this independence and pushing and guiding students through challenges is an integral part of their growth. It’s a delight to see the students revel in these challenges and their annual camping programs.

Caring for our environment

Every Friday before school, a committed group of environmentally conscious students walk down to Pelican Park with teachers and parents to collect rubbish. Moreton Bay and the local environment is precious to our students and because of this, they each have a desire to take up responsibility to aid in keeping it as clean and tidy as possible.

When they return, the students analyse the rubbish that they have collected and report their concerns to the Principal, Mrs. Trudy Moala. This teaches the effects of pollution and builds in them an innate awareness of the environment around them and how people impact it on a day-to-day basis.

Our Eco-Warriors are a group of students who participate in an environmental program facilitated by Tangalooma Ecomarines. Here our students learn how to make positive changes in their school environment, and how to influence and lead environmental projects in our local community.

Being outdoors is such an important part of our children’s health and wellness, and it’s why at Grace Lutheran Primary School, we endeavor to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoors. From play times, sports and picnic lunches outside, our students love getting out in the fresh air, and we love to have our students outside, growing and thriving as healthy, happy students.

If you’d like to learn more about Grace Lutheran Primary School, you can contact the Enrolments Officer Melissa Johnson on 3282 0011.