Leadership in focus

Take 5 with leaders from our community as we pick their brains and share their thoughts about our region.

“As we spring into spring and have a massive array of food, festivities and fun to choose from, what is your favourite way to enjoy our beautiful peninsula?”

Bob Jones

Dolphins Chairman

Spring is a beautiful time of year on the Peninsula, clear skies, not too hot, not too cold, westerlies gone and nothing better than to go for a bike ride or walk around our picturesque foreshores.Then on to Suttons Beach for a coffee and fish and chips at one of the fabulous eateries, with my family.

Had to laugh a week or so ago, there were 8 jet skis parked in the water out the front of Suttons Beach and the owners clad in wet suites sitting in one of the eateries having a nice break. Then they went back to their jet skis, mounted up and roared off back to Brisbane, obviously enjoying a beautiful place. My how times have changed.

The kite festival is another family favourite, the kites are magnificent and much more complex and robust compared to our homemade attempts from my youth, brown paper, sticky tape and bamboo and not very aeronautic.


Manager Strategy and Engagement, Moreton Bay Regional Council

I love getting up before 5am and working out along the waterfront just as the sun comes up.

Most early mornings, you’ll find me doing a weights or cardio circuit at Woody Point or simply going for a run along the boardwalk at Margate.

I also love getting out on the water on the weekend with my stand-up paddle board. Moreton Bay is utter magic on a still, quiet morning where the water is like glass and the sky is filled with pastel pink and purple sunrises. It simply takes your breath away.

Mornings are also my favourite time to pick up a takeaway coffee from our incredible local cafes. Again, it’s a chance to stop even for a moment and just take in the beauty of Redcliffe.

We all lead such busy lives and I believe there is something very peaceful and also very purposeful about getting up early, being active, and stopping to really take in the beauty of your surrounds.

It reminds me of a great quote from Cheryl Strayed: “There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.”


State Member for Redcliffe

Like many Redcliffe locals, my favourite way to enjoy the Peninsula in spring is to take advantage of the longer days that give us more time to enjoy Redcliffe’s beauty and hospitality with friends and family.

Our bayside suburbs are a hive of activity as Redcliffe plays host to thousands of tourists making their way around our local festivals, businesses, parks and beaches. The Moreton Bay Region is a fast growing network of communities and Redcliffe continues to benefit from increased tourism. We see new hospitality and accommodation operators opening their doors to meet growing demand while boosting local jobs.

Spring is a great time to encourage friends and family to stay in Redcliffe and to share in the hospitality of local cafes and restaurants set against the beautiful, easy-going backdrop of our bayside community.


Federal Member for Petrie

There are so many ways to enjoy the peninsula – we really are spoilt for choice!

I like to start my mornings with a boxing session at the local gym and grabbing a coffee at one of our many great cafes!

I spend most of my time in the electorate chatting to locals about things that matter to them. When I get a chance, I enjoy walking my dog along the waterfront with my family. It’s a great opportunity for reflection and remembering what an incredible place we call home.

On the weekends, I’ll often be at the Redcliffe Markets or canoeing at Salt Water Creek with my three sons. We’re known for our views, food and festivals, but what really makes our peninsula great is the people.

We’ve never lost the feeling of a small town and I think that’s what truly makes the peninsula one of the best places to call home.