Keep our place perfect!

We know we each have a part to play in looking after our environment and a handy hint or two can help us learn something new and make a big difference to the place we live.

Through The Redcliffe Peninsula Community Group, Peninsula Life asked the members of our beautiful region their top environmental tips. Check them out here!


“When you go for a walk or to the beach always pick up a handful of rubbish and put it in the bin. Always leave a place cleaner than you found it.”



“Recycle your plastic bottles at a refund point and donate the money to a good cause for the community.”



“Refuse single use packaging like plastics & food/drink containers and if you can’t do this, reuse items. We need to change the community ‘throw away’ mentality and reuse everything.”



“Take re-usable containers whenever you are heading out (coffee cups, shopping bags, produce bags, straws, utensils) and make a rule for yourself that you can’t have an item if you didn’t bring a container for it. It only takes once or twice of not being able to get a takeaway coffee because you left your cup at home… and then you NEVER forget it again!”



“Grow your own vegetables and herbs.”



“If you have soft plastics that can be ‘scrunched’ like chip bags, cling wrap etc, you can recycle this through the REDcycle Program. Drop your bags in the REDcycle bin at the front of a Coles Store.”

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“Slow down boats in no wash areas to protect dugongs and turtles.”



“Food scraps can easily be composted instead of going to landfill.”



“Be careful not to let fertilisers or pesticides go into the storm water drains or into canals. Lawn fertilisers in canals cause algae blooms and harm the sea grass.”



Need the numbers to report injured animals? See below and add these numbers in your phone. Reporting deceased animals is also important to investigate and fight the cause for the future.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital on 1300 369 652
(24 hours)

Report stranded marine wildlife including alive or dead turtles, whales & dugong. Phone 1300 264 625

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue Inc. on 0401 080 333

Wildlife Volunteers (WILVOS)
A volunteer-run wildlife rescue service provided to the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone (07) 5441 6200

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