Facing the future

Are you in your early 50s and dreaming about your retirement years? What does your retirement space look like? Have you given thought to making the most of low-maintenance, down-sized living? What will it cost you?

Terry from Kindred Investment and Finance shares how it is never too early to start planning your dream retirement home, and why it pays to purchase now and have someone else pay it off until you are ready to make the most of it down the track.

When it comes to downsizing for retirement years, there are so many options available. Whether you want a low-maintenance 2 bedroom apartment taking in the best views on the Peninsula or a safe and secure low-set villa just a stroll away from amenities, it is never too early to start considering your retirement home.

To purchase a property like the above mention, you could be looking at a rough price range in the region of $400,000 to $700,000 if you purchased today. But what if you waited until retirement in another 10-15 years’ time to purchase? That same home could be at least double the price.

Wouldn’t it therefore be nice to place a hold on your dream property at today’s prices and relocate in the future?

By purchasing a property now while you are still in the workforce, you can use the tax you pay, combined with the rental income you could receive by tenanting your retirement home out, to pay off or hold your dream property until you are ready to make the move.

Why not consider purchasing today using someone else’s money instead of possibly what could be double the price or more in 10-15 years?

Many Australians are paying thousands of dollars in tax that could legally be redirected into paying off your dream retirement home while prices in the Peninsula are relatively affordable.

With the Moreton Bay Region tipped to become one of the hottest spots for real estate, we are already seeing out-of-state buyers purchasing Queensland properties in droves. Areas such as Redcliffe Peninsula will definitely be on their radar and if property analysts are correct, we may never see such affordable prices in the area as we have on offer today.

By planning your cash flow right and purchasing the right type of property, you could purchase an investment property (i.e. your dream retirement home) with as little as $20 – $30 per week coming from your pocket. Some of our clients are even purchasing from their SMSF. Why not you? Your future self will thank you for it!

Want to find out more?

If you wish to discover how to purchase your “dream retirement home” with NO CASH DEPOSIT (using equity in another property as your deposit) at today’s prices and hold using mainly someone’s else’s money, contact Terry Loftus from Kindred today and request your FREE Guide “6 Proven Steps to a Successful Property investment”.

To download the guide either email  terry@kindred.com.au or text Terry on 0412 472 172 stating ‘FREE GUIDE’