A word from winner Flock Eatery

Peninsula Life took 5 minutes with Lexie and Geoff Able from Flock Eatery to chat about their business, staff, and what taking home the awards meant to them. Here is what they had to say!

What does winning the Cleanaway Environment & Sustainability Excellence Award and Moreton Bay Regional Council Business of the Year Award mean to you and your staff?

“The awards were a whirlwind and we feel so honoured and humbled by the whole experience. Firstly, we couldn’t believe we won the Environment and Sustainability category again. However, entering the awards made us literally take note in the application process of how far we’ve come since last year. So, winning was a lovely surprise and we aim to continue improving our responsible waste management.

Winning the business of the year was SUCH a shock – a really wonderful shock! There are so many great businesses in Moreton Bay and so many big impressive ones at that. We’re just a little cafe trying to make a difference in a wasteful industry. Winning means people care about sustainability. Winning means that people care about all of the small-time growers and producers in our region who are doing the right thing by the environment.

We feel so lucky to be feeding so many people in a sustainable way. To be encouraging a stronger connection between the grower and the consumer. This leads to a deeper connection to our region which in turn builds resilient communities.

One of our staff members mentioned that before working at Flock she almost felt like she was “just a barista”, but now she feels incredibly proud of her job and her work place. And we love providing a working environment where our staff take pride in what they do.”

What would you like to say to other businesses across the Moreton Bay Region?

“We would love to encourage all businesses to think about how they can directly support other businesses in our region. We are so fortunate to be in such a large community and it’s so important to support each other. Also, take a look at the waste that your company creates and think of ways to responsibly manage it. Can you reduce what’s coming in? Start with the communal tea and coffee station in the staff room and eliminate all your single use items. You’d be surprised by the difference you can make.”

Lexie and Geoff Abel