A man on a mission to

make things right

For over 20 years, GKS Law has been providing quality legal services to the community of Redcliffe and the Moreton Bay Region. Their reputation is extraordinary, partnering with people throughout their lives to secure their future, to build their success, and to of course, make things right.

There are many things that make GKS stand out in our community including their accessibility, their expertise, their competitive pricing and of course their commitment that you will partner from start to finish with a person, but one thing always stands out above the rest – their people.

Kane Stegeman is one of those people and Peninsula Life sat down with the GKS partner and compensation lawyer to learn more about his passion to make things right and how the GKS difference can help you.

Kane and his Personal Injury team.

With 15 years of practice in compensation law, it is safe to say that Kane Stegeman is an expert in his field.

Recognised for the third year running by the Doyle’s Guide (an independent Australian guide to the legal profession) as ‘a Queensland Leading Compensation Lawyer,’ Kane not only prides himself on the fact he is an expert in his field (not a generalist like some), but also on the fact that despite this he remains accessible and competitively priced, ensuring people from all walks of life can access his services when they need it most.

With 15 years in the compensation Law sector, it is clear you have a passion to help make things right. What drew you to this field as opposed to others?

“When I first entered this area of law, I was really attracted to the investigative aspects involved,” explains Kane, “and seeing the positive effect that you could have on a person’s life, including their family and the people around them that attracted me to acting for injured persons.”

Why is it important to you to help people with their compensation law cases and to help “make things right”?

“I have seen the devastating impact an injury can have on a person and the people around them.  It often effects most, if not all aspects of a person’s life including their emotional wellbeing, their relationships, financial difficulty and also socially, particularly when they are injured through no fault of their own.

It is important that we are able to make things right and work to ensure our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation possible to hopefully assist in some way to get their life back on track after an injury.”

What are you most proud of in your career?

“To me, I am really proud to reflect and see the effect that the work our firm does for the people of our community. Achieving a great outcome for our clients, and then seeing the flow on affect that can have on a person’s life, their family and those around them is something that always means so much to me.”

What is the aspect of your role you most value?

“Being able to assist people at an extremely vulnerable and often anxious point in their life after having been injured through no fault of their own.”

How do you think GKS is different to other law firms?

“We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, responsive and easily contactable. We are experts in the areas in which we practice, including compensation law, and a client’s case will be handled from start to finish by a lawyer but without the primary fee structure being based on an hourly rate as we believe that fee structure rewards inefficiency.  Essentially, a client is dealing with a lawyer or a person and not a brand.

We really are different, and it is this difference that keeps people partnering with us as their needs change and shift throughout their life.”

If you would like to talk more to GKS about how they can partner with you or learn more about Kane, contact (07) 3284 5093 or email kane@gkslaw.com.au