Grace Lutheran Primary School – transforming education in a modern world

Transforming education practices to suit a modern world has always been fundamental to the teachers and staff who have worked at Grace Lutheran Primary School. Next year, the school will be celebrating 50 years of educating children on the Redcliffe Peninsula and the Grace community is beginning to research their history and dream about their future as this milestone anniversary beckons.

50 Years of Grace Primary (1971-2021)

In 1971, the ‘Grace Private Primary School’ opened its doors in the Sunday School rooms of the Redeemer Lutheran Church in Victoria Avenue, Woody Point.

By 1972, a block of land had been acquired on Maine Road Clontarf where the school is currently located with the Kindred family being fundamental in its early operations. The Redcliffe City Council promised that the school could use the adjoining fields as play spaces and the school still enjoys a wonderful relationship with the Peninsula Power Football Club as the open spaces and fields are used by both entities.

In 1973, the Lutheran Church took over operations of the school and renamed it Grace Lutheran Primary School and the rest, it would seem, is history. From the first days of just 15 students and one teacher and Principal, to now with almost 400 students, 50 teaching and ancillary staff – the beautiful, purpose-built school has come a long way and seen thousands of students through its doors over the almost 50 years of operation.

How Teaching and Learning Has Changed

Grace Lutheran Primary School has had enormous change in its teaching style over the years. In 1971, students sat in rows with one teacher teaching all subject areas. Reading, writing, and arithmetic would have been the order of the day and the playgrounds would have been minimal.

Today, the school still focuses on literacy and numeracy but it employs a flexible, agile style of education where students make choices about where they sit and even what they may pursue in their research and study. The furniture today is not identical desks and chairs in rows as it would have been in 1971 but there are standing desks, ottomans, standard desks, and bean bags.

In a modern school like Grace, the Australian Curriculum is covered, and the teachers skilfully engage students to inquire into their subjects whilst being encouraged to predict, infer, and participate.  Empathy, critical thinking, and deep understanding are pursued with teachers who learn about our world alongside their active and excited students. The specialist subjects of performing arts, physical education, Japanese, and STEM offered each week on top of classroom tuition would be a far cry from the early days of Grace, but again demonstrates how schools have grown and changed from 50 years ago.

Grace Lutheran Primary School has always had a Christian focus, and this is an unchanging aspect of the school. How students engage in their devotions, Christian studies program and chapel services have all become contemporary and agile too.

Our other constant is our strong sense of school community which has been unwavering for 50 years. Families at Grace become connected quickly and make lifelong friendships which are valued by all.