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Success isn’t over night. It’s when every day you get a little better than before.”


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So you want to move more and eat better, but you’re the person saying, “I just can’t find the motivation”, “I don’t feel confident exercising”, or “I have no idea where to start”. If you just said, “yep, that’s me!”, know that you’re not alone. Angie from The Active Sisters has coached many people who have once felt the same, but with a little guidance and inspiration were able to find their fit. Read her tips below.

To understand why you are feeling this way, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you the person who finds themselves starting exercise and food plans but not sticking to them?
  • Do the seasons affect your motivation (it’s too cold, it’s too hot, I can’t be bothered)?
  • Are you time poor?
  • Do you lack confidence when exercising?

If you’re struggling to find motivation, it’s usually because you’re doing things deep down that you don’t want to be doing, or you’re doing them for the wrong reasons. People who don’t need motivation or aren’t of the ‘on again, off again’ mindset have usually found something that is personally rewarding to do.

Exercise should never be punishment

If you find exercise that you enjoy, you’ll look forward to doing it. And if that exercise is as simple as walking, there is nothing wrong with this choice of movement because ultimately, you’ll be motivated to walk whether it’s cold or hot outside.

If you’re time poor and don’t have an hour to exercise, you’ll most likely be thinking about what else you should be doing instead, so chances are you won’t enjoy it. This leads to no motivation. There is NO time rule for exercise. In my 10 years as a personal trainer I have seen people do as little as 15 minutes a day and feel good for just doing something and they still get results. That 15 minutes soon becomes a priority in their life.

If you struggle with confidence when exercising because you don’t know if you’re doing it properly, or you don’t feel fit enough to be around people, you’ll have low self-esteem, and you will not be motivated. However, what if you did learn technique? What if you knew you were doing the exercise right? What if you knew it was okay to do low impact exercise until you felt fitter? Chances are you would no longer need to find the motivation to move.

Food is essential

Food is fundamental to life. It’s used to fuel us every day. But did you know that the wrong food choices can also make you feel tired, lethargic and yuck? The right food choices energise us, heal us and help us
tackle the day.

You can still eat the food that you love and be healthier by simply swapping
out certain ingredients. Google your favourite recipe then Google it again
and this time put the word “healthy” in front of it. Once you start learning
about ingredient swapping it becomes enjoyable and sustainable.

My Biggest Tip

If you’re lacking motivation, be true to yourself and find out why. If you know the reason why then you can work to change it.

To get results on the outside, we must first work on the inside and the outside will follow. Rather than working on your body shape, work on becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. If you do that, not only will you love your body, but you will love your life and the person you become along the way.

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